Iregullar mobile(Action-Adventure)1 Online strategy(mmo)2 Smarty mosquito(Casual game)3 Augmented Reality AR/VR4 3D multimedia software5 3D big map/Ai6 Robotic/iot/Smart device7 image processing8

EksirTech Studio

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Institute of "EksirTech House of Art and Technology" is active in production of digital products ,such as: Online-mmo game/RTS - Multiplayer game - Action/Adventure game - Casual game - 2D/3D game and software - AR/VR/MR/XR - Image Processing - Multimedia - Ai - Animation - Web design - iot - Robotic

EksirKade EDU

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Institutions of "EksirKade House of Art and Technology" : Game making, application making, artificial intelligence, robotics, animation, multimedia, web design, network, graphics, mobile programming, tablet, computer, image processing, WordPress and many courses other

irregular mobile game

irregular mobile has been nominated in international mobile gaming awards (IMGA MENA) and GMGC China and has TRL7 in TechMart
you can click on the its icon for enter to its game page :


Projects under construction

all current project under construction
Each project has a security name
if you have secret name then you can follow progress it
magic bytes

Image processing / Motion Detection , Hand , Face , Color , ..

1-Image Processing
2-hand detection , face ..
3-Motion Detection , color tracking
4-image , camera , video processing
5-Mass detection in x-ray photo
6-Marker detection
7-Edges, angles, patterns
Image Processing
hand detection , face , smile , bone
Motion Detection , color tracking
3D & 2D Big Map
Routing & Prioritize
Sight and blind spots

3D & 2D Big Map with Ai

1-3D & 2D Big Map
2-Routing & Prioritize
3-Sight and blind spots
4-GPU computing
5-Ai computing
6-Predicting the Future
7-Complex calculations

Robotic & Drone / Smart Devices & Toys / IOT

1-Smart Devices & Toys / iot
2-3D printer / CNC / painter
3-Robotic & Drone
4-Health & Medical
5-Smart Home / internet of things
6-Quadcopter & Plane
Smart Devices & Toys / iot
3D printer / CNC / painter
Robotic & Drone
Online strategy game (mmo)
vector graphic
no refresh , no delay

Online strategy game (mmo)

1-Vector graphic - high quality and optimize
2-Without any page refresh and delay
3-Seven security layers
4-This game can be used in installable app & in web
5-Map intelligent and powerful in the core and shell
6-Four different graphics for 4 different races
7-multi line chat in Persian - Arabic - English

irregular mobile(Action-Adventure)

A brief “irregular mobile” The story is not far from our real world , What we are all involved with recently , my mean is “irregular mobile” , and other games and social network connected and....
The story is around of characters that they can not be separated from their mobiles and this distraction occurs many problems , The player must solve these problems and save them at any time
irregular mobile
Good funny game
Casual game
Controlled by touch or microphones
challenge !

Smarty mosquito(Casual game)

1-Controlled by touch or microphone
2-Good challenge between mosquito and mosquito killer and ...
3-3 different boss
4-3 different graphical environments
5-Register top score

Augmented reality (AR)

1-AR game
2-AR app
3-location base
4-image base
5-And more image processing
Augmented reality (AR)
AR game and app
location and image
3D software

3D software with library

1-long text (arabic/persian/English) searchable library in 3D multimedia software
2-movie and audio controllable in 3D content
3-picture gallery
4-interactive quiz
5-1st person user move in software and select items


As well as company other projects are in the following areas: Training - Games - Entertainment - Multimedia - web - Animation - Software - Robotic , ...
Our company intends in the following areas expand their cooperation
Publish and sell our products
Development of new orders
no pain no gain
Knowledge is power , the power and opportunity to create a human conception and a common language for understanding human values and love.

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Brief of EksirTech

institute of Art & Technology house of EksirTech is active in production of digital products ,such as:
Strategy online game mmo/RTS - Multiplayer game - Action/Adventure game - Casual game - 2D/3D game
Software - AR/VR - Image Processing - ai - 2D/3D Multimedia and Learning software - ANE
2D/3D Animation - motion graphic - stop motion
Web design - Shop/Educational/News/Organizational-cms/lms-crm ..
Robotic - smart devices - smart toys - BMS
Android - ios - windows - mac - linux
Combining the power of programming languages and frameworks, channels of communication,and different systems with each other, such as php, java, action script, C#,unity,flash,android,web,...
Innovation and research and creation
Licenses and certificates
ircreative ircreative ircreative ircreative
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